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Is an exclusive process used to obtain casts starting from disposable models in expanded polystyrene.

The polystyrene models produced from aluminium moulds are ceramic-coated in order to obtain ceramic shells capable of receiving the molten metal. The results always have a very high quality yield, irrespective of the dimensions.

In addition, thanks to the zirconium layer that constitutes the top surface of the polystyrene model, the finishing difficulties typical of usual sand casting are avoided.

This method makes it possible to obtain casts of all shapes, volumes and weights, from 0.4 Kg up to 900/1000 Kg.


Precision and dimensional accuracy.
Exceptional quality surface of final product.
Casting holes on the flange; savings on processing.
Savings on raw material and reduction of waste: lighter casts owing to smaller machining allowances.
High cast quality.
Design perfection.
Disappearance of VOCs - volatile organic compounds - because as ceramics release no gases.
Elimination of the common defects of earth casting: cold drops, sand infiltrations.

Technology, evolution.

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